Hire AI Engineers For Your Organization

Specialized in Data Engineering, Big Data Processing, and Machine Learning

We Can Help Augment Your Team!

With experience in Big Data Processing, Data Management, and Cloud Analytics, our engineers are able to provide customized solutions that will help your business thrive.

  • Staff augmentation and integration into your team
  • Combination of off-shore, near-shore, and onsite to accommodate your time zone
  • Cost-effective model as alternative to full-time hires
  • Full Intellectual Property rights

Software Development

Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Data Engineering

Natural Language Processing

  • Experts in data storage and management 
  • Build, deploy, and maintain your Big Data infrastructure 
  • Implement SQL, Java, Python, Hadoop, and Linux
  • Ranking and classification solutions 
  • Self-learning systems development and implementation 
  • Build and scale deep learning algorithms
  • Use voice-enabled technology for your business 
  • Specialization in reinforcement learning 
  • Add dialog systems and software agents to your products and enterprise applications
  • Combination of back-end, front-end, DevOps engineers 
  • Proficient in development services across a full stack of technologies

Why Fusemachines?

We take a pragmatic approach to AI and help our clients identify market opportunities where AI can be best exploited. We act as partners, augmenting existing staff and our hands-on approach ensures success at all levels.

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